Arkivo de Tetu Makino

( renovigita la 7an de Aprilo, 2020 )

  1. Raportoj pri la Ekvacio de Emden en la jaro 1978 [pdf ]
  2. 一般教育における数学について (大阪産業大学産業研究所所報,4(1981), 24-33 )[pdf]
  3. 中国伝統数学について (大阪産業大学学会報,大学開学20周年記念号(1986), 204-219 ) [pdf]
  4. 形式論理学の骸骨:第1部 命題論理[pdf ]
  5. A Note on a Modified Catuskoti (京都大学文学部哲学研究室紀要:PROSPECTUS (2014), 17:1-18)
  6. 数の体系[pdf]
  7. 数の体系―付録[pdf ]
  8. 弁証法論理の形式化DL [pdf]
  9. 数学史における革命――Kuhn/Grabiner数学史観について[pdf]
  10. On Spherically Symmetric Motions of the Atmosphere Surrounding a Planet Governed by the Compressible Euler Equations (Funkcialaj Ekvacioj (Serio Internacia), 58(2015) 43-85 )
  11. On Spherically Symmetric Motions of a Gaseous Star Governed by the Euler-Poisson Equations (Osaka Journal of Mathematics, 52(2015), 545-580)
  12. On spherically symmetric solutions of the Einstein-Euler equations (Kyoto Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 56, No. 2 (2016), 243-282 / DOI 10.1215/21562261-347880 )
  13. On an Application of Nash-Moser Theory to the Vacuum Boundary Problem of Gas Dynamics (RIMS Kokyuroku Vol 1883 (2014), 84-99
  14. A Note on the Caucht Problem in the General Theory of Relativity[pdf]
  15. A Note on Birkhoff's Theorem [pdf]
  16. On the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff-de Sitter equation [arXiv:1508.06506] ( This preprint has been withdrawn, since the substantial content has been included in the Paper: [ Cheng-Hsiung Hsu and Tetu Makino / Monotone-short  solutions of the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff-de Sitter equation // Journal of Mathematical Physics 57,092502(2016); doi:10.1063/1.4962724 ] )
  17. On Spherically Symmetric Solutions of the Einstein-Euler-de Sitter Equations [arXiv:1509.02943v7]
  18. On the time evolution of a homogeneous isotropic gaseous universe
  19. Einstein-Euler方程式の球対称解の研究とその周辺(2015年10月19日東北大学での講演要旨)[pdf]
  20. On the Einstein-Euler equations (Talk on Nov. 10, 2015 at Int'l Workshop on the Multi-Phase Flow ) [pdf]
  21. On mathematical study of the Einstein-Euler-de Sitter equations (Talk on December 9, 2015 at JGRG25 ) [pdf]
  22. [参考資料] ローマ字のつづり方 (昭和29年内閣告示・訓令) [Kanpou_9DECS29.pdf ]
  23. [参考資料] 漢語ピンイン方案 (文字改革,1957年12月号)  [WenziGeige1957n12y.pdf ]
  24. On a certain type of nonlinear hyperbolic equations derived from astrophysical problems [arXiv:1602.00168]
  25. Nash-Moser定理の骸骨 [pdf]
  26. An Application of the Nash-Moser Theorem to the Vacuum Boundary Problem of Gaseous Stars [arXiv:1603.00569] ( Journal of Differential Equations, 262(2017), 803-843)
  27. [書評]『出家的人生のすすめ』/Recenzo:"Invito al Ekstersekulara Vivo"(La Japana Budhano, N-ro 379/2558(2015), 8-10) [pdf]
  28. Einstein-Euler-de Sitter方程式について―宇宙項の効果(2016年3月20日現象解析特別セミナー第9回での講演スライド)[pdf]
  29. 現象解析特別セミナー第9回における講演「Einstein-Euler-de Sitter方程式について―宇宙項の効果」にかんする質疑応答についてのメモ [pdf]
  30. Nash-Moser-Schwartz theorem[pdf]
  31. Application of the Nash-Moser theorem to gas dynamics --another approach to the results by Juhi Jang (Talk on July 14, 2016 at KIAS) [pdf]
  32. Note on the descriptions of the Euler-Poisson equations in various co-ordinate systems [arXiv:1701.06370]
  33. Nash-Moser theorem and vacuum boundary of gaseous stars (Talk on October 14, 2016 at Workshop on Differential Equations in Hiroshima) [pdf]
  34. Juhi Jang and T.M., On slowly rotating axisymmetric solutions of the Euler-Poisson equations [arXiv:1611.02812] (Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, 225(2017), 873-900 )
  35. Slowly rotating axisymmetric solutions of Euler-Poisson equations (Talk in 2017 The Mathematical Society of Japan ANNUAL MEETING at Tokyo Metropolitan University on March 26, 2017) [Abstract] [Slide show: 26MAR2017_MSJ_slide.pdf ]
  36. A Note on the axisymmetric stationary metric in the genaral theory of relativity [arXiv:1908.10639]
  37. On slowly rotating axisymmetric solutions of the Einstein-Euler equations (arXiv:1705.07392) (Journal of Mathematical Physics 59, 102502(2018))
  38. Mathematical Study on Gaseous Stars (Talk on August 22, 2017 at The last 60 years of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics: Longstanding Problems and New Perspectives, In Honor of Professors Robert Finn and Vsevolod Solonnikov| 21-25 August, 2017 | Vilnius, Lithuania) [Abstract] [Talk Slide Show]
  39. Mathematical Study of Rotating Gaseous Stars (Talk on November 29, 2017 at 27th Workshop on General Relativity and Gravitation in Japan ) [Talk Slide Show]
  40. Juhi Jang and T.M., On rotating axisymmetric solutions of the Euler-Poisson equations, (arXiv: 1712.05241) (J. Differential Equations, 266(2019), 3942-3972)
  41. On axisymmetric solutions of the Einstein-Euler equations (Talk on March 21, 2018 in 2018 The Mathematical Society of Japan ANNUAL MEETING at University of Tokyo ) [Talk Slide Show]
  42. On axisymmetric solutions of the Einstein-Euler equations ( Talk at Analysis and PDE Seminar University of Southern California on April 11, 2018) [Slide Show]
  43. Recent Progress of the Study of Hydrodynamic Evolution of Gaseous Stars ( Talk at XVII Int'l Conference on Hyperbolic Problems | June 25-29,2018 | Univ. Park, Penn. USA) [Slide Show]
  44. Juhi Jang and T. M., 回転する軸対称気体星の数学的研究 Mathematical Study of Rotating Axisymmetric Gaseous Stars ( 日本流体力学会年会2018、2018年9月3日~6日、於大阪大学豊中キャンパス での講演)[論文pdf へのリンク] [Slide Show]
  45. Spektra Teorio de Ordinaraj Diferencialaj Operatoroj de 2a Ordo [pdf ]
  46. On mathematical study of axisymmetric rotating gaseous stars (Tlak on October 26, 2018 at Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica )[Slide Show ]
  47. Juhi Jang and T. M., Linearized Analysis of Barotropic Perturbations arround Spherically Symmtric Gaseous Stars governed by the Euler-Poisson Equations, (arXiv:1810.08294)
  48. Spectral analysis of linearized non-radial oscillations of gaseous stars ( Talk in 2019 Mathematical Society of Japan Annual Meeting, 20 MAR 2019 at Tokyo Institute of Technology) [Abstract] [Slide Show]
  49. On linear adiabatic perturbations of spherically symmetric gaseous stars governed by the Euler-Poisson equations (arXiv:1902.03675) >>Renovigita 22/MAR/2020
  50. 球対称気体星の非動径振動について(Talk on April 26, 2019 at Nonliner Analysis Seminar ) [Slide Show]
  51. Neebleca Teoremo de Hammy-Pizzetti [pdf ]
  52. Equation of Linear Non-radial Oscillations of Gaseous Stars (Talk on July 9, 2019 at Equadiff 2019 ) [_Abstract] [_Slide Show]
  53. A remark on the matter-vacuum matching problem for axisymmetric metrics governed by the Einstein-Euler equations (arXiv: 1907.09056)
  54. Vacuum boundary problem of the metric produced by perfect fluid mass distributions ( Talk on July 31, 2019 at BIRS-CMO Workshop Time-like Boundaries in General Relativistic Evolution Problems , Oaxaca, Mexico) [Slide Show]
  55. On Mathematical Models of Gaseous Stars (Talk at Mathematical-Science-Workshop-in-Yamaguchi-2019. on 08 Nov. 2019 ) [_Abstract ] [_Slide Show]
  56. 球対称気体星の非動径的断熱振動の方程式の線型化スペクトル解析に関する未解決問題について (研究集会「数学と現象:Mathematics and Phenomena in Miyazaki 2019」 における講演,令和元年11月15日) [概要] [Slide Show]
  57. 気体星の非動径振動の線型化スペクトル解析について(その2:等エントロピーでないばあい) (令和2年1月4日、第35回松山キャンプにおける講演) [Slide Show]
  58. Recent progress of the study of hydrodynamic evolution of gaseous stars (in A Bressan et al eds., Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Numerics, Applications, AIMS, 2020, pp. 531-537.)
  59. On Incompressible Vibrations of the Stratified Atmosphere on the Flat Earth (arXiv:2002.10031)
  60. On Adiabatic Oscillations of a Stratified Atmosphere on the Flat Earth (arXiv: 2003.03823) >>Renovigita 6/APR/2020